Istanbul at sunrise from the storied Sultanahmet neighborhood.

Robyn Vincent is a newsroom leader, collaborator, and a nomadic heart. Her wandering proclivities inform her work, which often strives to connect the dots between local, national and global issues.

For the last decade Robyn has worked as a reporter and editor mining stories at the intersection of the New and Old West. She is a reporter for the Mountain West News Bureau, a consortium of NPR stations covering the region, and KUNC, NPR for Northern Colorado. Before that, she launched the first news department at Jackson Hole Community Radio, a budding public radio station in Jackson, Wyoming. She is also the former editor of Wyoming’s only alternative press: the now-defunct Planet Jackson Hole. Robyn led that paper to win its first national award for a series she directed on the narratives of forcibly displaced people. It traced one reporter’s tumultuous experience living and working with Syrian refugees on the Greek island of Lesvos. That work—published in the only state that lacks a refugee resettlement program—typifies her favorite kind of journalism: that which dispels notions of “the other” and elevates marginalized voices. Robyn holds a bachelor’s degree in print and online journalism and is a member of Investigative Reporters and Editors, Ida B. Wells Society, and the Arab and Middle Eastern Journalists Association.

Behind the lens in southern Jordan at the Dana Biosphere Reserve.

For this, her travel blog, it’s worth noting Robyn’s propensity for worldly misadventure. Crawling on her stomach through an ancient underground city in Turkey; fording rivers in the Japanese backcountry during winter; and a weeklong stint sleeping in shepherd’s huts in the remote Albanian Alps are just a few such examples.

Still, adventure, or misadventure, is but one element of the journey.

Robyn views her travels through a nuanced, journalistic lens. She enjoys embedding in communities to understand political and social issues as they affect everyday folks, studying and speaking different languages (with great humility), and photographing compelling people and places. Most recently, she spent several months in the Middle East to study Arabic, deepen her knowledge of the region, and unearth some of her Arab roots.

Traveling also has reaffirmed Robyn’s journalistic path. When she was a fledgling reporter, Robyn traveled to New Orleans to rebuild a home destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. During her downtime, she peeled away the city’s celebratory layers and reported on and photographed some of the people struggling to rebuild their lives five years after the storm. For Robyn, that trip illuminated journalism’s vital role uncovering stories of the unheard.

Find some of her print, audio and visual journalism here.


  1. Lovely blog, Robyn! We like your writing style and your fabulous photos, which show things as they are rather than as we’d like to see them. If you’re interested you are more than welcome to cooperate with us and publish some of your stories through our website as a guest post (which would obviously be linked to your blog) or by participating in our Travel Photography Competitions.
    Cheers and happy travels!

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