From the jagged peaks of the Tetons to the frenetic streets of Istanbul, Robyn Vincent wears many hats and has the shoes to match. She’s a multimedia journalist with a penchant for broadcasting, editor of Jackson Hole Snowboarder Magazine and Planet Jackson Hole and a hopeless nomad based in the mountain town of Jackson, Wyoming.

Following some recent worldly misadventures, she decided it was time she marry two of her passions: writing and traveling. During her travels Robyn often stumbles into awkward, sometimes hilarious, ironic situations—from an unintentional visit to a Thai brothel to a train ride in Amsterdam that took her to the end of the tracks, literally.

While on the road, Robyn has amassed no shortage of life-changing experiences. She likes to immerse herself in new communities abroad, whether by volunteering or reporting, and helped rebuild a home in New Orleans destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. She documented her experience in a feature story for Planet Jackson Hole, which happens to be the only alternative press in Wyoming.

Her traveling style might be similar to yours. She loves to slingshot herself into strange situations, devour exotic street foods and sip local moonshines, wax philosophical with strangers, and discover compelling people and places to photograph. Trail running, rock climbing, snowboarding and trekking are also common items on Robyn’s travel itinerary.

An idealist (sometimes to a fault), Robyn believes the more you travel abroad the more an invaluable axiom emerges: despite our long list of differences, it’s not difficult to connect with folks who share similar hopes and dreams even on the other side of the world.

Godspeed, my friend.



  1. Lovely blog, Robyn! We like your writing style and your fabulous photos, which show things as they are rather than as we’d like to see them. If you’re interested you are more than welcome to cooperate with us and publish some of your stories through our website as a guest post (which would obviously be linked to your blog) or by participating in our Travel Photography Competitions.
    Cheers and happy travels!

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