Female Fortitude

Roller derby athletes are a fearless specimen. Just ask “Tiny Ninja,” a.k.a. “Tinja.” The captain of the Detroit Derby’s D-Funk All Stars once aptly described roller derby as a mixture of Nascar and hockey. Players whip

Tokyo’s Tidy Chaos

Japan’s neon-lit capital is the most populous city in the world (almost 38 million people call it home), yet it doesn’t share the same problems found in other major metropolises.

Acropolis Angst

As the Greek government pushes painful austerity measures on its citizens to receive more EU bailout money—taxing necessities like heating oil up to 450 percent—I wonder how the Athenians I interviewed

The Soul of Seoul

Formerly the capital of Korea until the country split in 1945, Seoul is South Korea’s irrepressible metropolis, juxtaposing old temples with modern architecture and offering plenty of ways, if you