Lost in the Albanian Alps

My teeth chattered as I wiggled toward the wood-burning stove. For warmth, Jenelle had curled up beside me on the splintery platform. Built of stone and wood, the tiny hut was vaporous with… Continue reading

The Soul of Seoul

Formerly the capital of Korea until the country split in 1945, Seoul is South Korea’s irrepressible metropolis juxtaposing old temples with newfangled architecture and offering plenty of ways, if you so desire, to… Continue reading

Still just a tourist

It’s 5:30 a.m. here in Athens and I just can’t shake the fact that, today I got stood up. Yes, that is Athens thanking me for all the praise I’ve been paying it… Continue reading

The Mountains are Calling (Part 4 of my Nepali adventure)

My plan to escape a possible bus crash in Nepal was met with laughter. If we had to wait much longer, we’d save time by walking, I explained to Jess and Bimala. Then… Continue reading

A Death Defying Ride (Part 3 of my Nepali adventure)

As the sun rose over the raging Tirsuli river it illuminated both the town’s natural beauty and human despair. While roosters sang, stray dogs hobbled through trash strewn alleys and children received morning… Continue reading

Nightmare Motel (Part 2 of my Nepali adventure)

I opened one eye as a glint of sun peeked through the window at Hotel Buddha Land. Thanks to some serious jet-lag, I was completely awake before the 7 o’ clock hour. This… Continue reading

The makings of a Nepali adventure (part 1)

Trekking through the foothills of the Himalayas – often at 15,000+ feet – was an ambitious yet seemingly attainable goal during my short time in Nepal. Indeed, the deep burn I felt in… Continue reading

Most memorable in 2012

A new year gifts us with many opportunities, one of which is a reminder to reflect on the past. For me, this includes reminiscing on the place I cherish most from my travels… Continue reading

Photo Diary: 24 hours in Taiwan

Recently I had the brilliant idea to jet-set to Taiwan, a small island off the coast of China that is technically ruled by the ROC but still makes a valiant effort to differentiate… Continue reading

The turbulent trail to the Taj Mahal

Built to honor a Mughal emperor’s “favorite wife,” the Taj Mahal–an architectural wonder of the modern world, is not something I expected to see in my lifetime. Although I was planning to spend… Continue reading

First Impressions: Delhi, India

Beautiful and infuriating, the chaos of India offers many lessons to the Western world. With a population that was tallied at 1.21 billion in 2011, India is the second most populated country in… Continue reading

Photo Diary: Amsterdam Avenues & Graffiti

American cities could learn a lot from Amsterdam. Those who haven’t been there (and admittedly myself at one time), equate the Netherlands metropolis with irie coffee shops and lingerie clad women who pose… Continue reading

Lost in Venice’s labyrinth

In a place where the only ways to get around are on foot or via boat, Venice – Europe’s largest non-motorized urban area, seems a difficult place to get lost in. But during… Continue reading

A freeway leading to fairy chimneys

Turkish drivers, whether at the helm of a tractor or a semi, follow their own set of rules, from driving mock 10 on city streets to obliviously drifting into neighboring lanes and, my… Continue reading

Where not (?) to stop during a night in Bangkok

“Wait, I’ve got to snap a photo of this plane,” said my travel partner, Randy, as he fumbled through his crammed backpack. Meanwhile, passengers, weary from their 14-hour flight, marched past us like… Continue reading