Photo Diary: 24 Hours in Taiwan

Recently I had the brilliant idea to jet-set to Taiwan, a small island off the coast of China that is technically ruled by the ROC but still makes a valiant effort to differentiate itself from the most populated country in the world.

There were a few goals I had drawn up for myself on this quick trip, mainly to write a feature story on Taiwan’s street food–said to be some of the best in Asia, or on its high-speed rail system, which connects the entire island and offers easy access to its lush mountainside and a bevy of hot springs.

Unfortunately, when I arrived one misty night in December, after experiencing a powerful earthquake at the Tokyo-Narita Airport, rain was pounding the Taiwanese capital of Taipei. So the next day I braved the torrential downpours and walked around the city taking photos. But even with my new definitely–made-in-Taiwan $2 umbrella there was simply no way to escape the rain. Feeling mildly defeated but at least spontaneous, I studied the forecast for the next few days: rain, rain and more rain. So here are the photos I managed to take, some of them from a lively meat market–where I found refuge from the rain– before throwing in the wet towel and jumping on a plane back to the States the following morning.


  1. Robyn this blog is AMAZING! So glad to be able to share in your adventures. I lived in Taiwan for 6 months in 2010 and loved every minute of it. Sorry to hear about the bad weather you encountered but you still managed to capture really beautiful and true to Taiwan photos. Live light, travel light, be the light.

    – KC

    1. KC! Thank you! And thanks so much for stopping by. What an incredible and life-changing experience it must have been to not just visit, but live in Taiwan! I need to see some photos. 🙂

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